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Our organization works in line with the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, basing all our activities on the concept of “Sustainable Environment” and working to ensure we minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to the protection of it. Based on this vision, we constantly improve ourselves and adopt the following principles;

  •   To comply with all legal regulations and other obligations set for our sector regarding the environment,
  •  To set up an Environmental Management System and fulfill all its requirements,
  •   To try and reduce all wastes originating from our facilities from the source and recycle as much as possible,
  •   To reduce losses by following up with the latest technological developments and keeping efficiency at the maximum,
  •   To minimize the use of natural resources as part of our continuous improvement efforts,
  •   To raise awareness of all our employees and any other companies and people we work with,
  •   To continously raise our environmental performance and consider environmental impacts in any new investment.
As employees of this organization, we are committed to constantly improving and bettering our business in line with the above-mentioned principles, and to comply with laws, regulations and any other requirements.

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