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Within the scope of our “ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System”, we are always working to create a healthier, safer and a more sustainable OHS culture and working environment for our employees. As part of this effort, we are aiming:

  •   To establish an effective system that aids in preventing all accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damages and any non-comformities, and to continuously improve and develop it,
  •  To comply with all relevant legal requirements,
  •   To create measurable performance indicators and monitor them with regular audits,
  •   To set measurable annual OHS targets and promote participation by sharing with all employees and as a result achieve said targets,
  •   To create a supportive culture that requires visible leadership and clear responsibility,
  •   To identify all OHS risks and regularly update all emergency procedures,
  •   To provide a healthy and safe working environment and to set and monitor relevant goals,
  •   To continuously improve its performance by following the technological developments and innovations,
  •   To increase awareness and gain individual responsibility,
  •   To proactively manage occupational health and safety risks in order to comply with all applicable legal regulations and other relevant standards,
  •   To actively communicate with all stakeholders and promote the awareness that all our goals can be achieved with effective behaviour and contribution from all staff,
  •   To achieve continuous development as part of this OHS policy, fulfill all policy requirements and to carry out necessary revisions as conditions change,
  •   For management to regularly review policies as part of our contiuous improvement efforts,
  •   • To plan seminars to help reduce accidents, to create awareness amongst personnel, to take necessary precautions and create a sustainable OHS structure and to continuously improve and develop.
As employees of this organization, we are committed to constantly improving and bettering our business in line with the above-mentioned principles, and to comply with laws, regulations and any other requirements.

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