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Shipyard Famagusta, Cyprus is an established company, providing repair, conversion and various engineering and shipyard services to a wide array of vessels registered in many different countries. The Company is committed to providing a reliable, high quality service to their customers, and much of the company’s business is repeat order.

  • Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus has a floating dock able to provide services to vessels of up to 140 meters x 23,5 meters, light ship up to 8.000 TON, and DWT up to 25.000 T.
  • The shipyard itself covers an area of 8.260 meters square.
  • It has three longitudinal platform slipways, and the capacity to service vessels weighing up to 3,000 DWT, and measuring 82 meters x 12 meters, with a 3.5 meter draft.
  • The shipyard has workshops with a covered area of approximately 850 meters square. The Company carries out steel, mechanical and pipe work here.

The Company retains 80 experienced, well trained technicians and highly skilled workers on a full time basis, and is able to offer a wide variety of repair and maintenance services, including those listed below.

  • Surface cleaning by high pressure water jet
  • Surface cleaning by grit blasting
  • Surface protection and Antifouling (full coat and touch up)
  • Steel fabrication work, including the construction of hulls and general welding
  • Mechanical work, including engine and piston reconditioning
  • Carpentry
  • Rudder maintenance
  • Propeller shaft and bearing repairs
  • Anchor and chain measurement

Maximum DWT (Tons) S.Handy Size (25.000)
Length (m) 160
Breadth (m) 23,6
Depth (m) 6,5
Cranes 2 PC. 5 Tons Portal Cranes
Restrictions 8.000 Tons Lifting

Steel Processing

Shipyard Famagusta has a daily steel processing capacity of 1500 Kg.

Service List

  • Docking
  • Grid plasting up to S.A 2 ½
  • Slipway services (up to 80 meters L.O.A.)
  • Shell cleaning by hand-scraping
  • All stell-construction works, welding, pipe renewal & all maintenance and convection works
  • Paint works
  • Lathe works
  • Carpentry works
  • Mechanical works
  • Engine, governor, piston reconditioning
  • Propeller, shaft, shaft-bearing maintenance-repairs
  • Rudder maintenance
  • High pressure water jetting up to 1250 bar
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Anchor & chain measurement and maintenance
  • All kind of electrical and electronical works
  • All other jobs and works
  • Up to 3.000 DWT capacity of ships repair with three slip-ways
  • Up to 25.000 DWT capacity of ships repair on the berth.